Monday, May 30, 2011

The China Study

The whole idea for this transformation came from the book, The China Study, which promotes healthy living by adhering to a strict vegan diet. Most people think a vegan diet is unsustainable, that people who don't eat "meat" are weak, and those who don't drink milk are susceptible to osteoporosis. We are taught that eating meat is "healthy". After all there is NO WAY we can get all our vitamins and nutrients from plants! Right? Dr. T. Colin Campbell believed all those myths when he first embarked on his scientific career, but a lifetime of research led him to believe that animal protein (i.e. meats, dairy, eggs, etc) were highly related to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimers, and arthritis. So... Dr. Campbell's research claims that everything we've been taught to eat, is actually what's killing us? I know it sounds hard to believe, but the research is so compelling it's hard to ignore. I am not claiming to be perfect. I have been living a mostly vegetarian diet for years, and trying to go vegan. It is not an easy thing to do. Even with all of Dr. Campbell's knowledge it's difficult to change a lifetime of eating habits. My mom is not going to be the only person being experimented on this summer, this is going to be an experiment for myself as well (and perhaps my sister Lo, if she can handle it!). I am compelled to at least try after seeing all the benefits that can come from eating the right foods (Dr. Campbell's list)
1. Live longer- woo hoo! Who wouldn't want that?
2. Look and feel younger- Again woo hoo.... Both a plus
3. Have more energy- This is something I am SO looking forward too! I hate feeling drained at 3pm
4. Lose weight- We all want to
5. Lower you blood cholesterol- This is something my mom needs
6. Prevent and even reverse heart disease- Reverse??? Yes, it's all in the book
7. Lower your risk of prostate, breast, and other cancers
8. Preserve your eyesight in your later years
9. Prevent and treat diabetes- This is something that could help SO many people
10. Avoid surgery in many instances
11. Vastly decrease the need for pharmaceutical drugs
12. Keep your bones strong-With out milk!! Yes, it's possible
13. Avoid stroke
14. Avoid impotence
15. Prevent kidney stones
16. Keep your baby from getting type 1 diabetes
17. Alleviate constipation
18. Lower your blood pressure
19. Avoid Alzheimer's
20. Beat Arthritis

20 ways this experiment could change my mom's life. Obviously all these amazing results won't happen overnight. You can't takes a lifetime of bad habits and reverse them so easily, but I am hoping that my mom sees enough results to continue this journey on her own/

Monday, May 16, 2011

What to expect...

I'm sure my mom would like to know just what she is in for this summer.. I am still trying to figure everything out, but she will for SURE be on a new meal plan. She is worried that she won't "be able to eat anything!". This is not going to be torture (although that would be fun too..) I am going to have a wide variety of food options. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and even some "healthier" treat options. I am going to be in charge of all 3 of her meals everyday, including all snacks, and beverages. I also want (hope) to have a work out program going on as well. 6 days a week of cardio, strength training, maybe some yoga. I would like to help her get her entire house in order. Going through everything, organizing, getting rid of things that aren't needed. Limiting TV time, and computer time. This is a lifestyle change. It might be a big shock, but I am hoping that we (I need to make it through this too!) can last for 28 days!