Sunday, October 2, 2011

Veg Fest

Yesterday my vegan friend, Anne, and I ditched our families and headed to sunny San Fransisco for the veg fest.
If you had asked me about attending a veg fest when I was 10 yr old, I would have shrieked "EW!!!". I am now proud to say that I love my vegetables! Although that's not really what I was eating at the fest.... There was a plethora of vegan samples, all free! FREE!! Yeah I am not ashamed to admit that Anne and I made the rounds.. More than once!! Vegan chocolate, vegan yogurt, vegan sausage, crispy kale chips, chocolate coconut water, larabars, vegan potato chips, fruit snacks, etc... We also indulged in some vegan mexican food for lunch. I had the black beans and taquitos... Super yum!! We were able to attend a lecture and a couple cooking demonstrations. I wish everyday could be veg fest. Can't wait for next year!

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