Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Striving to have a Ball

So, my daughter-in-law left her exercise ball under and behind of bunch of stuff she and my son are currently storing in my garage. I noticed the ball, oh, about six months ago....but about two weeks ago I decided to brave the massive pile of 'stuff' to obtain the ball and perhaps try to use it.
Well, after breaking several jars, getting the rake (that's was the tool of choice) stuck in a plastic laundry basket, and falling over a couple of boxes I reached said ball.
I decided to look on line for a beginners guide to working with an exercise ball. Happily I found a couple of sites with exercises for "older beginners". Sadly, even basic exercises hurt my flabby body.
At this point I am working on push ups, sit ups and holding a plank for 60 seconds---well it is actually me counting to 60 (which happens to be pretty dang fast).
This is a link to Sarah Dussalt's youtube video. This is just one of several, but I like these because they are very basic.

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  1. Judy! You're back! I love that you're blogging again. This is actually the first time I've logged into my blog in about 5 months so it was a wonderful surprise to see you had posted something. I want to have a ball too! I'll give them a try! Love ya!