Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do I Have to Take the Bad with the Good?

So, I went to the Body Pump class offered at night since I'm working during the day. Blech! So, got there about 15 minutes early to set my stuff up. Tried to set up in the corner because I like to remain inconspicuous. All ready to go so I'm just people watching. Lots of women trickling in and they are all in color-coordinated outfits; sporting nonsagging boobs, great tans, caked-on makeup and perfectly coiffed hair. Here am I in my same pair of dorky shorts and grass-stained shoes with wilty makeup and hair pulled up in a bun.
OK, well I can get over the low self esteem feeling that is pouring over me. But then, some size -6 chick walks in and proceeds to set her stuff up so close to me that I either have to move or run into her when class begins. I guess she set her stuff up there so she could be close to some guy that apparently is super hot. So, I moved.
About 5 minutes later another size -3 chicka arrives and sets up too close on the other side. So, I move again.
Class begins, and I try to reassure myself that no one notices me, (they must not since they keep taking my spot), and just tell myself to do the best that I can.
Soon, the instructor tells us to add weight and before I can grab my 2 1/2 pounders the -6 chick picks them up and places them on her bar.
Yes, I know I should stand up for myself and yes, I know I shouldn't care what others think but I can't help it and it made me mad and I don't want to go back.
Since when did the gym become the socializing-pick-up -palace? I thought that's what bars were for.


  1. Who goes to the gym all done up? I'm lucky if I even brush my hair out! Makeup would sweat right off me. They aren't there to work out, they are there to get a self esteem boost

  2. Do you want me to beat up the size 6 chick that stole your weights? I'd do it. You just say the word and she's toast! No one messes with my Judy! NO ONE!!!!!! :) I'll have to go with you next time. Will they let me pay for a single day so I can go with you? What day and time? You keep going Judy! Set up your stuff where you want it and then start jumping around and waving your arms so no one gets too close. :)