Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Bones About It

Should I be worried about Osteoporosis? Just read an article that said if Osteoporosis medication is taken too long it can have an opposite effect as far as bone density. What the what? Great, another thing to worry about as I reach the 'More mature faze of my life'.
Sometimes I wish there wasn't so much information out there. Just when I think I'm doing a good job managing my life I find out that I'm probably placing my bones in jeopardy. Really wanted to light a match to the article or use it to line the bird cage.
So, I read on....decided to ignore all the information except the part that suggested the best exercises for increasing bone mass. They are as follows: Sports that involve the use of a racket, jogging, speed walking, aerobics (especially step), lunges, squats, rowing, resistance bands, and weights.
There, I feel a little better, however, sometimes I'd like to revisit the dark ages when we lived our lives the best we could and didn't lie awake at night fretting over all things we've been made aware of thanks to modern technology.

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