Thursday, July 28, 2011

DAY 29

Why does everything lead to food? Family visiting=food; Tired=food; Celebration=food; Bored=food; Sad=food; Lonely=food. Today has been horrible because I have just wanted to shove everything edible in my face.
My oldest daughter Erin is in town visiting so we all went to lunch. Everybody, including my six-foot son was complaining about how full they were after a half a sandwich. Never would I have said out loud that I ate my half in a jiffy and was ready for more. Why Me?
Later the girls went shopping. We talked Erin into getting a new outfit for her 15-year reunion so we hit a Ross store. As we were searching through the size 8 outfits I was thinking how fabulous it would feel to be able to look through the 'normal ladies' sizes. But mingled with that thought is the other thought creeping in my brain wondering if we are going to go out later for pizza.
Oh yeh, the shoes don't have much to do with my rantings except that, in my opinion, they look much better on thin people and I like the pictures. Guess I'll go eat an apple.

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