Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Think I Can

Thought I was too tired to get up for church, but glad I did. A member gave an excellent talk about the founding of our nation. Makes me grateful.
We drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon and found a superb hiking area. Such lovely weather and incredible scenery. Words are insufficient to describe God's creations.
Hiking was still a workout, although I felt like I moved a little less awkwardly and I wasn't gasping for air two minutes after starting up the trail. Little improvements should be celebrated.
No great food to write about today. Ahhhh well, maybe food shouldn't be my only muse. We did, however, reminisce about all the fabulous restaurants we visted in California. I told Ray that I wanted to try and recreate the Uno Pizza and she countered with a solid, "That's impossible."
So sad, it was delicious.

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