Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holy Mother Sandwich

 Today we went to lunch with family. I really wanted to go to Kneaders (it's my FAVORITE sandwich place in UT, I LOVE the hazelnut bread) but Nic wanted to go somewhere closer to his work. We ended up going to The Grove. I love small, quaint, little delis. This one was PACKED to capacity!! My heavens it took us about 20 minutes just to order.. Was it worth it?? I am going to go with YES, mostly because I think they put a whole avocado on my sandwich (and avocado is like the chocolate of the vegetable world... Yes that makes sense in my mind..). Anyway, I LOVED that avocado... I can't stop thinking about it. The bread wasn't my favorite mostly because I was getting 1/2 lb of bread in my mouth with every bite. But dang, look at that sandwich, he is HUGE ----------------------->
Is anyone opposed to a giant sandwich???

Devin's sandwich attempted to put every animal known to man on it. He made sure we all knew that he was a "meativore"
 Guess what, his wittle belly couldn't handle all the meats, and he had to give up! I finished my half, because I am a true champion!

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