Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is It Bedtime Yet?

I don't know why I have felt so completely, and utterly exhausted all day.
Yeah for my mom for going to do service.. While I was home sleeping!

Once I finally got up and started moving, we went out in the world and the weather was CRAZY!
First it was raining SO hard

Then it started hailing!
Then it was SO hot out! So hot it's barely bearable to be outside! I don't know how my mom worked outside this morning, she is amazing.

It's a little difficult making vegan food when I'm not in my kitchen and I don't have all the ingredients that I am use to having! After looking for something to make I realized that all my bananas were ripe so I of course made...

Giant Banana Muffins..
 I wasn't planning on eating this whole thing...
 But it was so yummy and fresh out of the oven...
I couldn't resist!

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