Friday, July 29, 2011

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

It's been 28 days, actually 29, but who's counting? So, this could be the end or it could be the beginning. I've decided I want it to be the beginning.
First, I need to evaluate if and how my life is different; worse or better. So, here goes: 1st-I still can't fall asleep at night; 2nd-I know I have more energy than I've had in at least four years; 3rd-I'm running, something I thought I wouldn't do again; 4th-Bouts of severe hopelessness have decreased at least 50%; 5th-I'm feeling a little better about having a photo taken; 6th-I stuck to a goal; 7th-I'm still alive despite the lack of milk products and meat; 8th-I've discovered water again; 9th-My clothes are getting loose; and 10th-I pulled out two pairs of pants from my plastic containers under the stairs and..............(dramatic pause).............they fit!
So, it won't hurt my feelings if any body that happened upon this blog and read it, stops. I think, at least for a little while, I'll continue to record my thoughts, successes, failures and whatever nonsensical ramblings enter my brain. That way I can look back and reread my history with the hopes that I'll avoid making the same mistakes as in the past.
Thanks Rachel!


  1. @judy, this is awesome. congrats. i like the part about how this is a beginning. amazing thing about setting goals and achieving them (and in this case exceeding - 29 days, that's 1 extra day!), is it makes you want to set higher goals and empowers you to achieve them and become even better.

    for (1), you feel like you have more energy. maybe you just don't need that much sleep. i get by just fine with 6 or less hours each night. (3) and (4) are related...running makes you happier! it's true! finally, (10)...that's great that those old pants fit you again, but hopefully, in a month or two they won't fit you again...because they're too big...

  2. I y'agree with that guy that posted above me... You rock mom!! I can't wait to go shopping for new clothes, and running is the most AMAZING thing ever!

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  4. Way to go JUDY!!!! What a ROCKSTAR you are!!!! I'm so proud of you and you're right, this is just the beginning!!! We have our Women of Steel triathlon in May that we will all do solo, then how about either a full or a half marathon in St George in Oct 2012? We can do it! We just have to stick with the plan! Love you!