Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The D stands for Delicious... Day

We started the day off with a nice workout at the gym, I did Pilates and my mom worked out on the treadmill and elliptical for an hour, even running for 6 minutes! Pretty darn good for a first day! 

After that I made some roasted garlic, tomato, bean soup. Strange since it was a hot day, but this soup is so yummy it can be eaten (and is eaten) whenever the mood strikes. Mom loved it, which made me happy! Yeah for still being able to enjoy yummy food!

Dinner turned into girls' night out when my friend Anne joined us at the Green Cafe. My mom is quite entertaining, telling Anne how much I was torturing her! She kept saying "she made me do this!" That's right, I did! And I plan on making her do a lot more (hope you're reading mom!). Luckily the food was SO good! We, of course, ended up ordering 2 desserts (I'm a dessert freak!). Both were divine...

D-Day also stands for Divine Desserts..

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